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The Realm of Writings...both X-related and original will be here eventually. At present [20th of June] this is what there is:

Awkward Silences
The Realm of All Writing

20th of June
Heyheyhey! I actually revamped this page! You can't tell? That's because it's now here! So, if you run along to it, you'll find the new stuff listed there... Don't forget to tell me what you think!
14th of June
New in Awkward Silences: Promises by Brooke and a new poem, A Rogue by Jufemme. Scoot over and read them, already!
13th of June
New in Awkward Silences: the stories Hero by Yasmin M., Bodyguards Don't Eat - Everybody Knows That and Pure White by JenX, as well as Swimming In My Head, a collection of short poems by JenX. New other things: three beautiful pictures by Lynx, two of fictives, one of Domino.
6th of June
New in Awkward Silences: Cold Hands, Warm Heart, A Hard Question to Ask, A Relationship To Be or Not To Be? and A Sinister Father by Queen Jubes [now the most prolific writer on my archive! Congratulations Queen Jubes!] and also Her Heart of Glass, a little Common People story by me, Cynjen.
30th of May
New in Awkward Silences: Bishop and the Kitten, To Be or Not To Be Alive and [my personal favourite] Together With Love, all by Queen Jubes. Also, when I've finished exams, expect a little re-vamp of these dear pages, because I've learnt lots of funky HTML. It'll be a hell of a lot harder to update, but it'll be prettier, I promise:)
13th of March
New in Awkward Silences: The Fault Lies Not in the Stars by Andrea Westerfeld, Torn and When A Man Loves A Woman by Sequoia Swennes.
28th of February
New in Awkward Silences: Free at Last by Seraph.
21st of February
Another new section! My, I've been busy :) The Realm of All Writing is where everything I'll ever archive will be, like an index. Also new, Apples And and Hearts and Diamonds by Kielle, A Good, Swift Kick in the Ass by Lynx, Graduation Day and Well, she's just not Nicole is she? by me, Cynjen, and In the Still of the Night by Diamonde.
19th of February
New Section! Awkward Silences: The Realm of Short Stories. Also, Red Bricks, Blue Water
16th of February
Floating with the Tide Chapters 5-7, The Long Walk
28th of January
Floating with the Tide Chapters 1-4
23rd of January
Tears on my Pillow, Floating with the Tide Prologue

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