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Short stories are indicated by dot.
The Common People stories are indicated by house.
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Original Stories [not fan-fic related] are indicated by bang

dotApples And by Kielle
housedotAttack of the Evil Mutants by Lynx
dotBishop and the Kitten by Queen Jubes
dotBodyguards Don't Eat - Everybody Knows That by JenX
dotBruises Aren't Forever by Magik
dotCold Hands, Warm Heart by Queen Jubes
dotDenouement by Kielle
newdotDreams that go Bump in the Night by Cynjen
dotThe Fault Lies Not in the Stars by Andrea
Floating with the Tide by Cynjen
dotFree at Last by Seraph
newdotFrom the Dais with the Closed Coffin by Cynjen
dotA Good, Swift Kick in the Ass by Lynx
housedotGraduation Day by Cynjen
dotHappy as a Dagger by Cynjen
dotA Hard Question to Ask by Queen Jubes
dotHearts and Diamonds by Kielle
housedotHer Heart of Glass by Cynjen
dotHero by Yasmin M.
How I Saved the World from the X-Men by Cheshire Cat
housedotIn the Still of the Night by Diamonde
dotJean Gets Reckless by Queen Jubes
dotLace and Steel by Magik
newdotLater, Loser by Cynjen
dotThe Long Walk by Cynjen
newdotA Memory Saved by Joan Milligan
housedotA Monster Among Us by Skyrocket
dotPandora's Box by Cynjen
dotPillow Talk by Diamonde
dotPromises by Brooke
dotPure White by JenX
dotRed Bricks, Blue Water by Cynjen
dotA Relationship To Be or Not To Be? by Queen Jubes
dotA Rogue by Jufemme
dotThe Shirt Incident by Snowy Icicles
dotA Sinister Father by Queen Jubes
dotSwimming in My Head by JenX
dotTears on my Pillow by Cynjen
dotTo Be or Not To Be Alive by Queen Jubes
dotTogether With Love by Queen Jubes
dotTorn by Sequoia Swennes
dotUntitled by Magik
housedotWell, she's just not Nicole, is she? by Cynjen
dotWhen A Man Loves A Woman by Sequoia Swennes
dotWhen All You Need Are Apples by Riiyn