Author's Note: Thanks to Junkmail for helping me choose a title. The verses are from Madonna's song "Spanish Eyes", although I doubt she wrote it. Maria belongs to me, but Angelo himself belongs to Marvel Entertainment. I am not going to make any money out of this, and I don't intend to hurt anyone in any way. Okay?:)

Tears On My Pillow

I know for sure his heart is here with me
Though I wish him back, I know he cannot see
My hands trembling,
I know he hears me sing

Maria stopped sobbing into her pillow for a moment. She needed to breathe. She needed to make sense of what was happening around her.

"But he's dead!" It didn't make sense. She started crying again. All she wanted in the world was to hug him. To touch his face. To see him smile.

I light this candle and watch it throw
Tears on my pillow
And if there is a Christ
He'll come tonight
To pray for Spanish Eyes
And if I have nothing left to show
But tears on my pillow
What kind of life is this?
If God exists,
Then help me pray for Spanish Eyes

She clasped her rosary tight, and started to pray. Her speech was fractured with teary gulps for breath, her face screwed up with grief.

"God, please, please, look after my Angelo. I love him so much." She stopped speaking aloud as she remembered him alive, smiling, making her happy. He teased her continually, without being cruel, and she looked up to him. He protected her against everything, he always seemed so brave and strong. "He needs taking care of now. He needs a hug every so often, to remind him who he is. He needs hugs. I need hugs. Ange, where are you? I need you, so much."

He had to fight like all the rest
In the Barrio all the streets are paved with fear
I don't understand
At least he was a man

How many lives do they have to take?
How much heartache?
How many suns do they have to burn?
Spanish Eyes, when will they ever learn?

"Why? Why did you have to die? Why did you have to get involved with their petty stuggles? Why was your sense of honour so great that you had to abandon me and die for them? They killed you! You were everything to me, and they killed you! It's not fair!"

You were not the Maravilla in our minds
We were proud to fight, but we cannot win this blind
Stand your guns against the wall
Who's next in line to fall?

"You're right," she scrubbed away the remaining tears on her face. "If I had been in your place, I would have done the same, any of us would. But it was still wrong. You shouldn't be dead." Her eyes moistened unconsciously. "How am I going to live without you, Angelo? How will I cope without my big brother?"

How many lives do they have to take?
How much heartache?
How many suns do they have to burn?
Spanish Eyes, when will they ever learn?

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