Cold Hands, Warm Heart

It was a cold Winter day. Bobby Drake was taking a stroll in town. He whistled merrily as he strolled down the sidewalk.

Suddenly, he heard screams coming from a dark alley. "Help! Help me! Somebody, anybody, please help me! HELP!!!"

Bobby turned and ran into the alley. While he was running, he transformed into the Iceman.

A woman with long, black hair was being attacked by a gang of men. She was fighting them as best she could, but was loosing pitifully. She cried out in dispair to Iceman, "PLEASE HELP ME!!!!"

A man with multi-colored spiked hair grabbed the scared woman and pulled her close to him. He put a knife blade dangerously close to the woman's throat. He narrowed his eyes and growled, "Move and she dies, freak."

Iceman stopped in his tracks.

The thug with the knife grinned. "That's more like it. But guess what? She dies anyway!"

"NO!!!!!!!" Iceman cried as he formed a wall of ice to incase the gang of men.

"My hero!!!" the woman cried as she ran towards Iceman.

Iceman heard police sirens. The sirens were getting closer with every second. He knew he had to go. "You'll be okay. The police are on their way." He started to leave.

The girl stopped him. "Wait! You're a mutant like me! Only you know how to control your powers, and I don't! Please take me with you and teach me!"

Iceman knew he must leave soon. "Okay," he finally replied. He picked the girl up in his arms and ran off with her.

Iceman kept his word and taught the girl he had rescued that day, whom he later found out was named Samantha. Samantha had powers similar to his own. She never did join a superhero team, but she was a valuable ally to the X-Men. Bobby and Samantha became inseperable friends, and they eventually fell in love and were married.


Bobby Drake, Iceman, and the X-Men are (C) & TM Marvel Comics. Samantha is (C) & TM Queen Jubes. Please don't use her without express permission.

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