The Gun Incident

Trouble with a Capital 'M' #4

Cable yawned as he picked up his huge gun and began to shine it. He had had a busy day dealing with Domino, X-Force, and the Mutant Liberation Front and was tired. As he sat on his bed cleaning his gun, his eyelids began to slide shut. Despite his efforts to keep his eyes open, they finally shut. Just as he had started to doze, he felt a strange movement from his hands as if he was shifting his gun. Knowing he wasn't, he opened his eyes only to see a human head protruding from the gun.

His eyes grew wide, and he let the gun fall out of his hands with a loud clank as it hit the floor. As he stared down at it, the gun took on a more human shape. In a few seconds, Morph lay looking up at him.

Morph ran before Cable could catch him, but Cable angrily followed him to his room. He rapped loudly on the closed door. A moment later, a catwoman came out. "Can I help you, Cable?"

"I'm here for Morph."

"I'm sorry, but he's already asleep. Perhaps you can come back tomorrow?" Celina Lewis suggested.

Cable couldn't suppress a huge yawn. He nodded. "I'll get him in the morning," he said, more to himself than to Celina.

He left, and Celina returned to the room, closing the door behind her. She looked at Morph, one eyebrow raised suspiciously, as she purred, "You didn't pull a prank on Cable, did you, dear?"

"Of course I did, Love Kitten," Morph replied with a grin. "I wouldn't want him to feel left out!" He made a motion for Celina to join him on the bed, and once she lay looking up into his brown eyes, he told her about the prank he had just pulled. Celina thought she would roll off the bed she was laughing so hard!


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