The Kitchen Incident

Trouble with a Capital 'M' #3

Rogue's voice could be heard bellowing from within the kitchen throughout all the mansion. "MORPH! AH SAID GET OUTTA MAH KITCHEN!"

Morph gave Rogue his best set of puppy dog eyes as he pleaded, "But you cook so good!"

Unfortunately for Morph, Rogue was one of the few women not affected by his charm. "Then ya can eat mah cookin' at lunch with the rest o' them."

"But I can't wait that long!" Morph exclaimed. "I'm starving!"

Rogue gave him a disbelieving Look. "Ya can't be starvin' - ya've done flinched offa every plate, bowl, an' tray in here!"

"But I'm still hungry!" Morph persisted.

Rogue sighed, shook her head. "If ya ain't outta here by the time Ah count ta three, Ah'm gonna kick ya out," she warned. Turning to the stove to tend a boiling pot, she began the countdown, "One..."

"Two..." She stirred the pot.

By the time she reached three, there wasn't a sound to be heard behind her. Turning around, she was pleased at what she saw - no sign of Morph.

A few minutes later, Rogue turned around from having been in the refrigerator to find that the roll of paper towels seemed to have moved closer to the stove. Another few minutes later as Rogue was putting a dish of butter into the microwave, she thought she saw something move out of the corner of her eye. She turned around but saw nothing unusual. This happened twice again before Rogue bent to open the door to the stove and check on her food. This time when the movement began yet again, she managed to move her head quickly enough to catch sight of its source. The papertowels were scooting towards the stove!

Shutting the door to the stove quickly, Rogue darted towards the roll of papertowels. She easily grabbed the top part, but the end swung up towards her face! She managed to catch it in her other hand just in time. They began an odd dance across the kitchen: the towels trying to break free; Rogue trying to hold on.

They kept going until Rogue smelt an unusual odor coming from the stove. She sniffed the air, then let out a screech. "Mah food! It's burnin'!" Dropping the papertowels, she ran to the stove.

A few seconds later as Rogue solemnly lifted her burnt steak out of the belly of the oven, a voice asked from behind her, "Is it dead?"

"It's more'n dead!" she replied, trying unsuccessfully to stick a fork in. The fork refused to go into the hard, burnt meat, and she finally let it fall to the counter with a Thunk. She turned angry green eyes on the man. "This's all your fault, Morph! If ya'd stayed outta mah kitchen like Ah told ya to, this wouldn'ta happened!"

Before Morph could respond, Rogue's right fist connected with his face, and he fell out cold from her superstrength!


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