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A World Apart


'We need out now, you realize!'

#No, Dom, I'd somehow failed to notice, thank you for drawing my attention to this.#

Ignoring his acid retort, kicking a soldier in the teeth as she cursed about her teammate, his parentage and his sexual orientation (even if she knew that for at least the latter she was lying), she landed lightly on her feet beside Cable. 'I have the damn disk. We can go now. Right?'

#You--have the disk?# he sounded a little stunned, reflexively shooting another soldier running at them with less than a thought.

'I did try to tell you...'

Now that he thought back on it, she had. About a minute after all hell had broken loose, after they'd been found red-handed and ransacking one of the Hydra subdivision's office's computers, she'd tried to talk to him mind-to-mind, he'd been distracted, told her to shut up and shoot people. They might have had their only chance to get aforementioned information ruined when a stray bullet or ten shattered the display and short-circuited the computer, but he'd intended to try and salvage what he could. Something he didn't need to do now, since Dom had taken care of the situation...

#Then let's go.#

Sending him an annoyed, 'what the hell?' feeling almost as an afterthought, she was already turning to shout to the remaining Wildpack member "Theo! Quit playing with the toy soldiers! Someone's realized who has the info, we're goin' home."

"Took long enough." Was the only comment Grizzly deigned to make, throwing one broken-limbed soldier at three not so broken soldiers, shoving his way through another few soldiers to join Cable and Domino as they teleported away.

#Where are you going?# Theo had stomped away in the direction of the kitchen muttering something about beer before he or Domino had even begun to discard their weapons, but now she was apparently leaving him, following Theo--

"Going to throw this--" she held up the disk she'd taken from one of the pouches on her belt, where she had most probably shoved it in the initial few seconds of the firefight that had turned into a fist-fight, and continued walking, calling over her shoulder "--at Ham and G.W. They can deliver it and earn their cut of this last op. Then I'm going to have a nice, long shower and go to bed."

#Oh. See you tomorrow, then.#

He could sense a mixture of amusement and annoyance from her--more of the former, less of the latter--and an impatient thought of 'Jeez. How obvious do I have to be? I suppose clubbing him and dragging him off to bed would be a little inappropriate...if satisfying.'

It was tempting to follow her--too damn tempting. But if he went after her now, she'd know that he'd read her thoughts, she'd get pissed off at him, he'd get angry with her...she hated it when he casually read her thoughts, after all, but it wasn't exactly as if he had much choice when she was so close, after the times they'd been together, and the novelty of it hadn't worn off. 'Admit it, idiot. It's been a year and the novelty hasn't worn off, it probably never will.' After the first time, he'd almost hoped it would wear off, that they would be able to back away after that initial encounter, that they could move on... but a guilty little part of him couldn't help being thankful--that Dom had shown no sign of wanting to move on, that she was content to stay with him.

'For all her faults, there's still something about her--so much brilliance, so much passion...' stopping that thought before it went too far, Nathan sighed heavily. It didn't do anything beneficial for his mind, knowing she could sense more often than not when he was thinking about her, could guess what he was thinking about her. Was he just being paranoid? Their nights together, the intimacy and trust, the mind-contact they had so often, were all increasing his awareness of her without him even noticing until it reached out and smacked him in the face.

As it was now, he could just know where she was without even thinking of it, without searching--in her room, carefully removing the last of the weapons she carried and dropping them on a chair, peeling off her top and...PAIN! Sharp, shooting pain in her arm, blood trickling, startlement and anger aimed at herself for not noticing before then. She muttered something, kneeling and pulling a first-aid kit from under her bed--he was on his way to her room already, at the door before he remembered that she'd get annoyed at him, see that he had been keeping watch... Too bad.

"Dom?" Nathan pushed open the door without bothering to knock, reaching her as she stood up, taking the first-aid kit from her and gently pushing her onto her bed. "You're hurt. How?"

"Flying glass. Didn't notice at the time, sorry, was a little busy getting the info." Domino flinched as he raised her arm slightly, getting a better view of the injury.

"Needs stitches. Get comfortable." He muttered, backing away and opening the first-aid kit, going into the bathroom...

Comfortable. Right, that was easy to do when she knew that Nate was only a few steps away, finding something that would sting when her wound was cleaned before he'd start using her as a pincushion. And she was being an ungrateful bitch again. 'He doesn't have to do this. But he is. Just for me.'

#None of the other 'Pack members look as good as you do.# Nathan commented dryly, kneeling before her and taking her arm, steadying her carefully as he examined the gash, wondering where to start.

'0h. So you ARE only being overly-nice to me 'cause I'm sitting nigh-topless beside you and letting you do whatever you want?'

#Pretty much.#

And she couldn't even hit him for that comment. Seeing as he was helping her and all...she could, but it would be kind of asinine at the time and he might decide to let her do it herself. She'd have to hurt him later...

#I heard that.#


"Does this hurt? Is it too tight?"

"Hmm?" She studied the bandage he was wrapping around her arm for a scant moment before raising her eyes to meet his. "No. It's fine. Thank you."

"Anytime." Deliberately looking away, his attention was seemingly focused on finishing his task of bandaging her arm over the stitches. "Not that I want you injured all the time. But if you do get hurt, remember I'm here. I mean--that is--"

Domino couldn't quite hold back a wry chuckle, reaching out with her free hand to grip his chin, drawing him closer, kissing him softly...so softly... "I know what you mean." she murmured a few minutes later, slightly giddy from lack of oxygen to the brain.

"That's what I'm afraid of." he said, dazed expression fading. "Uh...you should probably...get some rest..."

"Probably. Stay with me?"

"You sure you want...?" Nathan gazed at her uncertainly. She did seem so tired--and she was hurt, even if...

"Of course." No doubt in her mind. Just absolute surety, longing anticipation, yearning that she didn't even try to hide.

"You're wounded. Even though the glass missed the main artery, didn't rip the muscle much--" Even though he was making so many excuses that anyone not as perceptive or persistent as Dom would have given up in despair or disgust, thinking that he didn't want--

"I'm lucky like that." A hesitant smile, the underlying thought of 'And, damn it, I want to get luckier tonight,' that made him chuckle as she sunk back onto the bed. "Stay?"

"Anything you want, Lady Luck."

"Good boy. I'll have you trained right ye--" Domino's words ended with a yelp of surprise when he pounced her, pinning her wrists down and kissing her swiftly, kissing her again and again before releasing her, until all she could do, all she wanted to do was lie there and let him touch her, mind-link with her, be with her...

He laughed quietly, picking her up as if she weighed nothing at all, telekinetically flipping back the covers of her bed and dropping her onto the pillows, sitting down beside her and stroking back the long ebony strands of hair that had fallen down onto her face. "Very beautiful. Could sit here and watch you all night. Maybe I'll do just that."

He had to tease her right then, didn't he? When she was ready to drag him down, hold him close, love him, wear him out so completely that those shadows would fade from his eyes when he fell asleep in her arms... not that she could tell him that. She could never tell him that. What she could say, however, what could goad him on... "I'd tell you--to go flonq yourself, but that wouldn't do much for me right now--"

#So I should flonq you instead?#

'Please?' that last hint of hesitation from him faded at her thought while Nathan drew her closer, body and soul, hands moving over her skin gently, caressing her mind with a tenderness he'd never show and she'd never respond to outside of their private trysts, when the world existed for them alone, out of time, out of place...



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