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Pillow Talk

"So, was it good for you too?" Mystique stretched. Forge was a little conservative, but she thought she'd introduced him to the possibilities inherent in sleeping with a metamorph quite well. He'd loosen up.

"You must have a lot of different identies. How do you keep track of them all?"

"Huh?" She blinked. That was certainly not what they usually said. Most of the time it was something more along the lines of 'can we do that again?'. Maybe she was losing her touch, getting old. Naaaaahh. It must just be because he was smart. "It's not that hard to keep track of who's who. They're all very different people."

"How many have you got? Have I seen them all?"

Mystique smiled. So that was where he was going with the other identities. "Honey, you haven't seen half of them. Some of them are secrets, though."

"Really?" His eyes lit up with the curiousity that was the curse/blessing of every scientist.

"Yeah. One or two nobody knows about."

"Tell me one."


"Don't you trust me? I wouldn't tell a soul."

"Oh okay. But only if it'll make you shut up on the whole 'relationships are based on trust' thing."

He looked properly attentive. "Not a word."

"Let me think of a good one." Raven thought for a second, then laughed a little. "Okay, this one's a beauty. But you can't ever tell anyone."

"I promise. Now tell me."

"It's pretty funny." She rolled onto her side and looked at him with dancing eyes. "You see, I always wanted to be an actor. So when I got a bit older, I... made one up. I'm actually quite well known, that's where I got a lot of my money from."

If she says she's really Sharon Stone then my life will be complete. Forge was nearly holding his breath. "So? Who is it?"

She smiled. It was fun to get them all worked up before you dropped the bombshell. "I'll give you a clue, but you have to guess. Here's the clue." She paused to make the suspense worse. "I starred in 'Speed'."

Forge nearly died. "You're Sandra Bullock?"

"Uh, I'll give you another clue." She thought for a second, looking for something he couldn't miss. "I also starred in 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure'...."

That's it, the shortest and fastest story I've ever written. Thanks to Dyce, who I was having a conversation with when I had the idea, and for helping me with details. Hey, it explains why we haven't seen a movie from him for a while doesn't it? 'He' was really stuck in X-Factor.

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