A Relationship To Be Or Not To Be?

It was a hot Summer afternoon. Victor Creed was alone in his cell when Raven Darkholme came down to give him his food. She opened the door to the cell, walked in, and laid his food down.

"We need ta talk, Raven," Sabretooth told her.

"There's nothing to talk about, Sabretooth," Mystique growled.

Creed looked hurt. "Ya can't tell me that our relationship meant nutin ta ya!"

"Our relationship is over, Creed. That's all there is to it. Accept it," Raven replied angrily.

"I can't just accept it," protested Victor.

"And why not?!?" snapped Mystique.

"'Cause it meant too much to me," admitted Victor.

"Don't give me that! You're the one that left me! You're the one that ended our relationship, not me!"

"I didn't realize what I was leavin' when I left! I was a fool! I shoulda realized that I was leavin' everythin' good in my life then, but I didn't! I was a jerk!" Sabretooth heartfully exclaimed.

Mystique begun to melt, "Really?"

"Yes," Sabretooth replied. "Mystique, as hard as it is for me ta say this......I'm sorry I hurt ya!"

Mystique melted the rest of the way. "I...I accept your apology."

"Will ya give me another chance?" Victor gently asked. "Please?"

Mystique thought about it, then finally said, "Yes, I will!" She rushed over to Sabretooth and threw her arms around him in a fierce hug. Sabretooth kissed Mystique as he hugged her back.


Sabretooth aka Victor Creed and Mystique aka Raven Darkholme are both (C) & TM Marvel Comics and are used without permission. I make no money whatsoever off this story.

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