The Shirt Incident

A tall redhead carried a basketful of dirty clothes into the basement of Xavier's Institute For Higher Learning. Bored, she sighed as she lifted the lid to the washing machine and laid the basket on the edge of the washing machine. She begun shoveling the clothes into the machine. She picked up the last article of clothing, her husband's favorite yellow shirt. She started to drop the shirt into the washing machine, but the shirt started struggling and managed to break free of her hold. It flew up to the ceiling and hung onto the roof with its sleeves.

Jean smiled and resisted the urge to laugh at the shirt's actions. She reached out and scooped some Cheer detergent into a measuring cup. She dumped the detergent into the washing machine and looked up at the shirt.

The shirt released itself from the ceiling and dived towards the washing machine. At the last possible second, it pulled a quick U-turn and landed behind Jean.

Jean started the load to washing before turning around. A brunette man stood where the shirt had landed mere seconds before. She smiled as she commented, "Cute stunt, Morph. Real cute."

Morph grinned back at her. "I got that from the Cheer commerical," he admitted.


Jean Grey-Summers, Scott Summers, and Morph are all (C) & TM Marvel Comics and are used without permission. Cheer detergent is (C) & TM Cheer and is used without permission. I make no money whatsoever from this story.

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