Together With Love

It was a cold Winter morning. Betsy Braddock was relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate in the patio of Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning after a workout in the Danger Room. Nobody else was in the room except for Hank McCoy. He was lost in a book. He had not looked up from the book since Psylocke came into the room. Besty was thinking of the love of her life, Warren Worthington, when she heard him talking to Bobby Drake out in the hall. She stood up and walked out to the hall.

When Iceman saw her, he said, "I'll see you later, Warren." He then walked off.

"Hi, Warren," greeted Betsy.

"Hi, Betts," Warren replied.


"Warren, we need to talk," Betsy announced.

"Yes, we do," agreed Warren. "Tonight?"

"No, now," Psylocke disagreed.

"Okay," replied Angel. "Whatever you want."

"We both know that we are both changing," began Psylocke. "The Crimson Dawn is leaving a big effect on me - this tattoo, new powers, and who knows what effects just haven't showed up yet."

Angel added, "And I lost my metallic wings and got my feathered ones back."

"And times are getting harder," Psylocke submitted.

"Yes," agreed Angel. "Will our love be strong enough to survive through these changes and hardships?"

"Precisely." Psylocke declared, "I can face anything, Warren, but only with your love."

Angel continued, "Or is it our love that will keep us from being capable of surviving anything?"

Psylocke asked, "What do you think?"

Angel replied, "I believe we can face anything. But not alone. Only together can we overcome the many obstacles in our life."

"Together forever?" inquired Psylocke.

"Forever and ever," replied Warren with a big grin. He then swept her up in his arms and kissed her.


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