Author's Note: This story took place before Charles lost his powers and was taken away by the government.

Wanted: Professor X

It was a cool Spring afternoon. Professor Charles Francis Xavier was sitting in the park watching the beauty of nature all around him when he got the strangest sensation. {Somebody or something is watching me! Who are they, and what do they want???} Professor X scanned the surrounding area - there was a mother looking after her baby, two teenagers in love, a ten-year- old boy doing his homework, two little kids playing fetch with their dog, a group of teenagers playing football, four girls talking boys, and......the X- cutioner! {What does he want here?} Professor X trespassed into the X- cutioner's mind and looked for the answer. He found it. The X-cutioner was after him for the murder of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers!!!

{What do I do? I can't go back to the mansion, because that would put my students in danger!} Acting normally, Professor X pushed his wheelchair out of the park and to the bus stop. Although the X-cutioner didn't realize it, the Professor was fully aware of the madman following him. A bus pulled up, and the Professor was helped on by the busdriver. The X-cutioner tried to get on, but the busdriver explained, "I don't allow crazy people on my bus." He shut the door in the X-cutioner's face and pulled the bus away from the curb. Professor X heard a loud thud on the roof and he knew it was the X-cutioner!

Professor X telepathically masked himself from the X-cutioner before getting off the bus when it stopped. He also projected a hologram of himself that the X-cutioner could see. He went to a hardware store and got some rope which he also masked from the X-cutioner, leaving the money on the cash register.

Seeing "Professor X", the X-cutioner attacked the hologram. Pedestrians panicked and ran away, screaming. Professor X telepathically asked the X- cutioner, {{{What do you want me for? What have I done?}}}

"You killed the Fantastic Four and the Avengers," answered the X-cutioner, "and for that, you must die!!!!"

{{{Not today,}}} protested the Professor, using his telepathy to temporarily knock out the X-cutioner. The X-cutioner fell on the cement, and Professor X quickly did away with the hologram of himself, unmasked himself and the rope, and tied up the X-cutioner. He then called the police and handed the X-cutioner over to them.

Two weeks later, the Professor was drinking his morning coffee when Jean Grey-Summers came into his office. "Here's your mail, Professor." She tossed it down onto his desk and left. Left alone, Charles picked up his copy of the local newspaper. He sputtered hot coffee over the paper when he read the headline:


The X-cutioner was free again! He would be back! When he returned, would the Professor be able to defeat him again or would he fail? Only time would tell!


Professor X aka Charles Francis Xavier, the X-cutioner, Jean Grey-Summers, the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers are all (C) & TM Marvel Comics and are used without permission. I make no money whatsoever off this story.

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